PermaSteel fencing in standard size panels are designed to retain their structural integrity and to perform satisfactorily in non-cyclonic regions of Australia up to wind loads of W33 (33 meters per second) as described in AS 4055.

PermaSteel fencing in its standard size is designed for use in zones A & B – N1 as described in AS 4055. Information about wind speeds in a particular area should be obtained by the purchaser, from the appropriate authority, before installing the product.

PermaSteel fencing in standard sizes is designed for use in situations described as Terrain Category 3 (TC3) in AS 4055. This is described as terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions having the size of houses.

When used in areas other than described above the purchaser should consult a suitably qualified person to design extra support for the fence.

In areas with few obstructions to break up the force of the wind extra care should be taken to add extra strength to the fence. These would include areas such as open land with few trees or houses, hill tops, parks, sea coast areas, airfields etc.

The standard PermaSteel panel has a maximum size of 1800mm high and 2350mm long.

PermaSteel fence panels need to be installed as per the manufactures instructions with particular care being taken to ensure the correct number of screws are used to connect the posts and that they are placed in the correct position.